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Many seasoned agents avoid being a buyer's agent for many reasons. So you'll find that some of the top agents you want to work with don't necessarily work this side of the business. 

That's not me. 

Why? I love being a buyer's agent. As you may have read from my bio, I love homes and one of my favorite past-times as a child was going to open houses with my dad and 'dream shopping'. So the home shopping process is one I enjoy immensely. Also, I'm a writer so the story-teller in me really loves to 'read a home's story'. With my interior design background I also come equipped with helping you with the vision. Something many buyers and agents struggle with. 

There's also something else, I'm a great listener. I know how much I'm needed and listen to you. I can tell when my feedback is really needed and when you need your space in figuring things out and if for some reason I don't - then I welcome being told what I need to do to make this process more successful for you. 

As you'll read from review after review, I put my clients first. 

And last but definitely not least, I have insider knowledge to homes you will not only never find online (private sales, pocket listings, and coming soon) but I have had several clients get the very first viewing on a home. How do I have this knowledge? I pride myself on working well with others. I am extremely proud of my industry and many of my colleagues are my closest friends. It's through this relationship building within this industry that I am fortunate enough to know who to ask information from that will best benefit you, my client. 

As you can see, representing you as a buyer isn't just about having a great website search function - which is available right here on my website. It's much more than that. And if for some reason you're not happy with me, there is never ever any contractual obligation to continue working with me. The loyalty I get from my clients is there by their own choice, not by a signature. And I can say that I've never had a client sever their relationship with me. 

I look forward to helping you find your next Home Sweet Home!

*I represent buyers of all price points and offer the same white-glove treatment for all budgets.

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